The transportation or selling of illegal drugs is a felony in the state of California and there are severe penalties if convicted. If you or a loved one has been charged with drug sales or transporting, furnishing, importing, or administering illegal narcotics, a drug offense attorney, The FIRM LA can provide educated and reliable legal counsel on the best course of action. Our experienced and driven criminal defense attorneys believe that an educated client is a prepared client, and they will thoroughly educate you or a loved one on the criminal court case process.


Any possession of illegal drugs in the state of California, regardless of the quantity, can be grounds for criminal charges. If you or a loved one has been charged with drug possession, it is essential that you retain a criminal defense attorney. A lawyer can help arrange bail if you have been arrested, as well as work for a case dismissal or reduction in charges. To maximize your chances of obtaining the case resolution that you are looking for, you should contact a drug offense attorney. The more illegal substance or narcotic you possess, the more serious the charge and the greater likelihood of incarceration.


Many individuals who have been convicted of a drug offense are required to serve probation. Persons who are serving a mandatory term of probation are legally obligated to follow a strict set of rules that regulate what actions they are allowed to take. Any failure to abide by the rules of probation can result in penalties, including jail time, an extension of the probation period or modification of the probation terms, rehabilitation, and community service. Among the possible causes of probation violation includes:

• Failure to Pay – If a defendant is required by the court to pay fines, and fails in that duty, he or she may be in violation of the probation terms.

• Failure to Comply – Any failure by the defendant to comply with mandatory rehabilitation or community service can result in a probation violation.

• Failure to Appear – A typical requirement of probation is that the defendant appears in court for progress reports. A failure to report as necessary can result in stiff penalties.

• Violation of Rules – If the defendant specifically violates any of the clauses outlined in the probation, by violating a curfew or visiting someone whom he or she is to have no contact with for example, the court may impose additional penalties.

• Failure to Report – As part of a probation period, the defendant is usually required to report with a probation officer. Any failure to do so could result in a probation violation.

• Possession of Illegal Substances – Possessing illegal drugs or weapons is a violation of probation rules.

• Committing Crimes and Being Arrested – If the defendant is arrested and charged with a crime during his or her period of probation, the court may demand additional penalties.

If you have been found in violation of your probation as a result of a drug offense, an attorney from The FIRM LA can help. 


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